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Feel at home in the Azores with our Portuguese Language courses for Expats

Jump start your Portuguese learning by joining one of our cohorts today

Why enroll in our courses?

Learn Portuguese with a challenging and fun course and our experienced tutors.

Learn the beautiful language of your new home

Be able to speak to locals and 300 Million other people accross 10 countries and 5 Continents.

Local support from our expert teachers and tailored tools

Get the best approach tailored to your needs with our proactive tutors, who are here to support and guide you in every step of the way.

Everything you need to understand local culture

Gain insights on the history, geography and people of the Azores and Portugal, while discovering flavours, music and traditions.

Courses overview

  • Courses have 4 levels: Intro To PortugueseQuero Falar Melhor, Intermediate and Advanced

  • There will be 2 sessions per week for 6 weeks

  • 2 hour sessions

  • Emphasis will be given on oral communication:  getting familiar with the sounds, speaking skills and vocabulary.

Course Themes

Routine & Lifestyle

Essential vocabulary to interact with others and get things done.

The Azores

Tidbits about the history, geography and people of Portugal and the Azores.

Poking The Senses

Flavours, aromas, textures, music, visual arts... and more!

The Self

Expressing your needs, ideas or requests.

Limited Spots Available.
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